Reusing and Recycling Weee EquipmentSafe and Secure Disposal of all Electronic Assets

Weee Compliance – Reusing and recycling electronic equipment. 

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Here at Weee Compliance we specialise in the recycling and reuse of waste electrical equipment. We ensure that as much as possible is either recycled or reused, in the most environmentally way possible. Operating throughout the UK, form our London base, covering Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

We offer a range of services for business and personal customers, these include:

Computer Recycling – Reusing any usable computers, and recycling anything that no longer works. We have a Zero To Landfill policy for all our computer recycling. We will reuse whatever we can, split for parts what we can’t reuse as a whole, and recycle anything that is left.

Data Destruction – Securely and safely wiping data from electronic devices, using CESG certified products. We also offer a full manual destruction of any items that contain data. This is great for items that you feel need to be fully destroyed, rather than just deleted.

On-Site Data Destruction – We can come to your premises and securely wipe the data on hard drives, before transporting them for reusing or recycling. This ensures that no sensitive data is transported off site.

Weee Collection Service – We offer a free collection service for electronic equipment throughout England and Wales. Terms apply, contact us for more details.

We remove and safely reuse or recycle all manner of electric items. This includes:

  • Computers to include towers, mice, keyboards, leads, monitors and any associated equipment.
  • Mobile telephones, tablets and memory cards
  • Small electrical appliances

Our collection service travels throughout England and Wales, and collections can normally be made within 72 hours of booking. We offer collections at evenings and weekends. Weee Compliance can safely destroy all of your data devices, and recycle the remaining equipment.

Contact us today to discuss your computer recycling needs. We can deal with all computer and electronic equipment.