Ewaste Recycling

Ewaste recycling is something that should be taken seriously, by both the users, makers and disposers of all electronic equipment. We at Weee Compliance offer a full e-waste recycling service throughout the South East UK.

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Close up of a circuit board made of electrical components with blurred foreground. image: www.freeimages.co.uk

What is Ewaste?

Ewaste is basically any discarded electrical or electronic device. This includes if the item is going for recycling, or disposal.

Items that are included in this would include computers, mobile phones, tablets and monitors. It would also include the peripherals such as keyboards, mice and printers.

How do you dispose of E-Waste?

There are a number of strict laws that we need to stick to when doing ewaste recycling.
For any ewaste we receive, we first decide if it can be reused or not. If it can be reused, we test, clean, wipe and inspect the items, before offering it for sale via our sales platforms.
If the item goes for recycling, it is stripped to its component parts, and these are then recycled. For example, computer towers have all the circuit boards removed, processors stripped, power supplies taken out, and split into individual types, before being recycled.

Whilst the metals can be easily recycled, we take many of the electronic components direct to the top electronic recycling refinery in the country.

Can you recycle our ewaste?

Sure. Get in  touch with us, and let us know what you have. We can arrange for the items to be collected, and it may not cost you anything.

There are some items we charge for, but the cost of these can often be offset against anything else that is being collected.

We can offer one off collections, or regular and ad-hoc collections. All collections have waste collection certificates issued, and data destruction certificates can be issued on request.