Parts of an Old Laptop for WEEE Recycling

There is a vast amount of electronic equipment that is 10 years old or older, still in daily use today. This technology is slowly being obsoleted by manufactures no longer offering software updates, and forcing people onto newer technology. Sometimes old laptops simply stop working for one reason or another. But when these laptops stop working, or are no longer wanted to be reused what happens to them? Continue reading Parts of an Old Laptop for WEEE Recycling

Recycling Office IT Equipment

Recycling old office IT and electronic equipment

For many businesses across the UK, knowing the appropriate rules and regulations for waste electronic disposal can be seen as unnecessary, arranging for the quick, convenient disposal of obsolete IT or electrical equipment may seem like just another admin job. Knowing that the electronics need to legally be separated from other waste items, and disposed of safely and securely can be a further hindrance. However, jumping on Google, finding the cheapest quote and booking a collection may seem simple, but there are many things that you should take into account. Continue reading Recycling Office IT Equipment

What can be recycled from a computer?

If for whatever reason a computer can no longer be used, it can then be split down and recycled for the individual parts. These parts can then either be reused if they still work (ie hard drives may still work if the power supply in the computer has broken), or the item itself can be sent for recycling. Here we’ll give a break down of what can be re used and recycled from within a computer system. Continue reading What can be recycled from a computer?