PC Recycling

PC Recycling

Weee Compliance offer a full and complete PC recycling service throughout the South East UK. This includes all the desktops, towers, mice, keyboards, wires, cables, chargers and much more! 

Book a PC Recycling collection today!

Getting all of your old computers collected is easy! Just follow the steps below, and we’ll do the rest. We do all the loading, and make it as easy as possible for you.
1. Decide what you need to get rid off, and how much you have. More than 10 PCs, Laptops etc and the collection is free!
2. Send us an email on info@weeecompliance.co.uk with details of what you have, where you are, and when is good for you for the collection.
3. We’ll then get back to you (normally in a couple of hours) and let you know when we’ll collect.
4. We collect, and leave you with the appropriate receipts and recycle the PCs.

PC Recycling
PC Recycling in Kent, Sussex and Surrey

What about the data?

If your items contain sensitive data, then we will physically destroy the data. This involves hard drives being smashed into many pieces, so that there is no way any data would ever be recovered.

If the systems don’t contain sensitive data, then the hard drives are securely wiped, rewritten, wiped again and the reused. This process ensures there is a very small chance of any data being left on the device.

What about recycling PCs that don’t work? 

We take PCs of any age and condition. This means that even if the equipment isn’t working, we can still recycle it.

For working modern systems we always try to reuse them.

For non working systems we always try to repair. If that fails we remove the working parts, and recycle the rest.

How much do you charge for PC recycling?

If you have more than 10 PCs or laptops to be recycled, then we come and collect, and recycle for FREE (within Kent, Sussex and Surrey).

Less than 10 items and a small charge is made for the collection.