Weee On Site Data Destruction

Items of Weee that contain personal or sensitive data may include hard disk drives, smart and mobile phones, cameras, memory cards and tablets. However, personal and sensitive data may also be stored on other devices, such as CD Roms, or magnetic tape.

Many companies allow us to transport these from pick up, back to our home base for the data to be destroyed, before the item is reused or recycled. However, some companies have a policy where by all data must be destroyed on site, before transporting the items.

This is a service we can offer on site, ensuring your sensitive data is destroyed. We employ a number of methods to achieve this, a few of them are:

Methods of Data Destruction

CD’s, DVD’s, Blu Rays etc – Depending on the numbers to be destroyed, the data surface is either ground away, or the disc is shredded.

Magnetic Tape and Electronic equipment that won’t power up – A method called Degaussing ensures that data on┬ámagnetic tape, and not working equipment is destroyed by a big magnetic field. This can also be used on memory cards and sticks.

Hard Disks, Smart Phones, Memory Cards – We have a number of software’s that we use to destroy data on discs and cards. These ensure total data destruction.

If all else fails, we have a portable shredder that will destroy any item of electronic equipment, and can be used from our van.

What happens next

When we destroy data on site, we issue you with a certificate of data destruction on the day. This includes the items destroyed, their serial numbers and description, the date and the method of destruction, as well as a few more details. We also issue a waste transfer note for all collections.

Items that can the be reused, are double checked to ensure no data is reusable, including samples being sent to specialist data recovery centres before being placed onto the market, or donated.

Items that cannot be reused are normally stripped back to their component parts, allowing us to separate the waste streams, before being recycled. This typically means that the metals are sent to be recycled, printed circuit boards are sent to be stripped for the metals on them before being recycled and plastics are sent to be granulated before being used again. We aim to send nothing to landfill.

Remember we offer free UK collection (see collection page for full details), however we do make a small charge for on site data destruction.